Friday, Flowers & Fits

Friday, March 15, 2013

 Lounging on the sofa with a velvety glass of vino by my side - just another lazy Friday night.  The afternoon on the other hand was quite a different story.  It involved 4 lbs of honey bees, Josh in a bee suit, and a vacuum to suck the swarm safely into a travel container to be transported to a new hive.  There are pictures on my face book page - I did not feel entirely at ease to take the polaroid camera close enough to get a decent shot of the swarm.  Since I work from home these days, I noticed earlier in the afternoon there were quite a number of bees buzzing around our front gate.  So I called Noah and Miss Kitty inside and investigated from the safe distance of inside the house... just looked like about 20 bees flying around so I just dismissed it and went back to work.  Well after checking on the situation a few more times I noticed that the bees flying around were less and was about to let the "kids" back outside when I noticed this huge clump swaying with the wind on a tree limb near our gate.  Upon further inspection (from inside the house) I was in awe to find a ridiculously large amount of bees camped out near our front gate.  So after a frantic call to the husband with little acknowledgment and a lot of dismissal of my encounter I called in the Pro Bee Wrangler.  He was available to come by the house right away and was happy I called him first before attempting to rid them myself.  FYI spraying or poking big sticks at a swarm is not a good idea... doesn't work and then you have angry bees.  Just FYI, I obviously wasn't going to do either since I never left the house.  He tried to also convince me the bees would be docile and would probably leave within three or four days when they found a new place to start a hive - I was not going to wait that long nor was I going to allow these bees the opportunity to think that a fabulous new bee hive home could potentially be my shed or house.  So the Pro, Brandon ( Eastside Honey Co ), saved the day, the bees and any of us from getting stung.  Now hopefully the bees will be happy at their new hive.  Oh and the husband who so quickly dismissed my cries earlier did not dismiss the huge swarm either when he finally came home from work - he drove by, windows rolled up and took a few photos and decided it was in his best interest to enter the house from the back entrance and avoid the swarm....  It was quite the experience!

On a different note...

Flowers are blooming and spring is singing.  I love this time of year.  Noah and I were out for a walk last weekend after one of the biggest rain storms in a while (there was actual thunder and lightning).  Much to Noah's delight, Shoal Creek was up and running at full force - so Noah decided to join in on the action. Puppy fits like crazy!  I can't believe I actually caught it on polaroid!  Finally we have Miss Kitty... she has found a new fav loung spot right next to the front door when it is open... enjoying cool breezes yet without the sunburn.  She is now our official door stop.

Well it has been too long of a break since I posted last.  I will be back soon!  Until then, enjoy the polo love!  All photos taken with my SX-70 on Impossible film.