Garden Views

Monday, March 30, 2015

Still a work in progress, but my little herb garden is coming along quite nicely.
My handsome built the raised garden bed and then I got to work.

Lots of weeding, digging, dirt shoveling, and a couple of trips to the local Shoal Creek Nursery and "little herbz" were welcomed into our world.

I'm smitten.

Current plans for this new herbz garden are:
-  iron arbor and fence to the entrance to make it feel more "secret."
- lounge seats and vintage metal glider
- redefining this once lost back area of the yard and turning it into my yoga retreat and meditation spot, so the more zen the better...
-  some kind of water feature
- more tidbits to come soon!!


PS - check out my new "in the round" impossible polo film - adds some extra whimsy to the traditional square!  

Close Your Eyes

Friday, March 27, 2015

First things I notice when I close my eyes.


mainly doves.

but there is this little song bird singing a happy tune to my right.

that happy tune must reflect on the day.

What a day!

I know you can't tell from the polaroid above, but the sky was magnificent!

When I open my eyes.

vibrant green leaves dot endless blue skies.

the little song bird - a mockingbird - copying tunes I'd imagine - but lovely none the less.

a twitchy squirrel casts unintelligible curse words at the dogs, while dangling from a tree branch safely beyond reach of Cole the known killer.


Date night with my handsome this evening.

An ole' favorite wine - Syrah from Toulocay - to accompany.

We will dine under the twinkle lights tonight.



Spring Roses

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The skies were brilliant blue today.

Big puffy clouds.

Fresh, bright green leaves on trees.

While on the road, it felt like a dream.

Like I was in one of those paintings.

The ones that show rolling hills, horizons for miles, and landscapes dotted with color.


Our little rose bush is blooming.

Showcasing bold, fuchsia buds.

I brought one inside to adorn a little bud vase I purchased a while back from one of my fav local spots, Spartan.

Planning on only displaying my greenery & blooms in that little vase.

One of my current projects is a raised herb and flower garden.

My handsome fella built the raised bed.

So now I'm tending to soil and planning a layout.

I hope to include wildflowers and all kinds of culinary herbs.

My little secret garden, tucked in the far corner of the back of the yard.


I stocked up on some fun polaroid film this past week.

My little SX-70 whispered that it missed spending time with me.

So I obliged with a whole heart to never let it feel so neglected again.

Which means...

More polaroids to share on my ole' blog!

I'll raise a glass to that.

Until next time...  (which will be in the very near future)

Hit Pause

Monday, March 23, 2015

Attempting to slow down, pause, and just notice the space around me.
The first shot was taken in the morning.  I was sitting at the island and noticed how beautiful the apples looked basking in the warm morning glow.
The second shot was taken during the "heat" of the afternoon - sun blazing in through the windows in the living room - hey it did reach 82 degrees today.
My seester has been in town and today she was supposed to leave, but it was just too pretty.
So while I worked I gave her the assignment to enjoy a smoothie in the park, under the big oak trees with a picnic blanket and reading material.
Then, we dined like rock stars at Blue Star Cafe - best vegetable bowl with cheese grits!
Topped off the early part of the evening with a stroll around the neighborhood with the pups.
And I'm about to stay up late... watch a movie and eat some damn good chocolate.

Thanks for the beauty today, Monday.
You were a good one.


Friday, March 13, 2015

So the creamy-milky quality polaroid film creates gets me.
Every... single... time.
I also love how glass objects always seem to harmonize beautifully and take center stage.
Even if over-exposed.
I'm smitten.

Warm, late afternoon light on our navy locker trunk/ coffee table in the living room.
Josh and I have both been battling illnesses this past month.
So drinking lots of good ole H2O, reading, and trying to sleep to dismiss the pain of sickness.

Looks like pizza, salad and Vampire Diaries are on the Friday night menu.
Then probably back to sleep.

Looking forward to more energy... wherever it may be hiding.

Cheers to the weekend.

A Little Sunny Daze

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why hello there.  It's definitely been too long!
Today the sun came out after what seemed like an eternity of grey - and I LIKE grey!
So cheers to sunshine, spring weather, and death to all mosquitoes.