Garden Views

Monday, March 30, 2015

Still a work in progress, but my little herb garden is coming along quite nicely.
My handsome built the raised garden bed and then I got to work.

Lots of weeding, digging, dirt shoveling, and a couple of trips to the local Shoal Creek Nursery and "little herbz" were welcomed into our world.

I'm smitten.

Current plans for this new herbz garden are:
-  iron arbor and fence to the entrance to make it feel more "secret."
- lounge seats and vintage metal glider
- redefining this once lost back area of the yard and turning it into my yoga retreat and meditation spot, so the more zen the better...
-  some kind of water feature
- more tidbits to come soon!!


PS - check out my new "in the round" impossible polo film - adds some extra whimsy to the traditional square!  


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