Hit Pause

Monday, March 23, 2015

Attempting to slow down, pause, and just notice the space around me.
The first shot was taken in the morning.  I was sitting at the island and noticed how beautiful the apples looked basking in the warm morning glow.
The second shot was taken during the "heat" of the afternoon - sun blazing in through the windows in the living room - hey it did reach 82 degrees today.
My seester has been in town and today she was supposed to leave, but it was just too pretty.
So while I worked I gave her the assignment to enjoy a smoothie in the park, under the big oak trees with a picnic blanket and reading material.
Then, we dined like rock stars at Blue Star Cafe - best vegetable bowl with cheese grits!
Topped off the early part of the evening with a stroll around the neighborhood with the pups.
And I'm about to stay up late... watch a movie and eat some damn good chocolate.

Thanks for the beauty today, Monday.
You were a good one.


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