Spring Roses

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The skies were brilliant blue today.

Big puffy clouds.

Fresh, bright green leaves on trees.

While on the road, it felt like a dream.

Like I was in one of those paintings.

The ones that show rolling hills, horizons for miles, and landscapes dotted with color.


Our little rose bush is blooming.

Showcasing bold, fuchsia buds.

I brought one inside to adorn a little bud vase I purchased a while back from one of my fav local spots, Spartan.

Planning on only displaying my greenery & blooms in that little vase.

One of my current projects is a raised herb and flower garden.

My handsome fella built the raised bed.

So now I'm tending to soil and planning a layout.

I hope to include wildflowers and all kinds of culinary herbs.

My little secret garden, tucked in the far corner of the back of the yard.


I stocked up on some fun polaroid film this past week.

My little SX-70 whispered that it missed spending time with me.

So I obliged with a whole heart to never let it feel so neglected again.

Which means...

More polaroids to share on my ole' blog!

I'll raise a glass to that.

Until next time...  (which will be in the very near future)


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