catching raindrops

Friday, September 16, 2011

there is this wild notion that wet drops can fall from the sky.

I have been a firm non-believer that this could actually happen in Austin.

until today.

I was standing outside, marveling at the dark clouds covering the sky.

and oh my golly gee whiz!

these big, fat rain drops just started falling from the sky.

Noah actually ran for cover.

and looked at me with incredulous eyes...

and I am for sure he thought

 that his mom has totally lost her marbles for just standing there letting this "wet stuff" fall on her.

I of course had to get a picture to document this day that I turned into a believer.

so I grabbed my polaroid, BUT I didn't want to get it WET!

so I grabbed my trusty, fabulously colorful umbrella.

and instead of taking a picture to prove that there really was rain...

I took a picture of the umbrella and my hand (and you have to pretend that you see rain drops)

but I swear.

cross my heart and hope to die.

stick a million needles in my eye.

it rained today.


Anonymous said...

I love that you said "oh my golly gee whiz!" Great shot, wish the rain lasted longer.

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