hello november

Friday, November 4, 2011

chilly mornings are the perfect excuse to put on some winter gear.

sure I could just turn the heat up (and close the front door...)

but what fun would that be?

the dog wouldn't be able to chase squirrels,

 and I wouldn't be able to put on mittens (equipped with a detachable mitt for typing), fuzzy slippers and a beanie with pom poms (which unfortunately you can't see in this photo).

my first selfie in polaroid style.

I got to use my gifted Tripod (thanks Kim for being SO awesome!!) 

and realized that my arms are too short to really get into the focus that I had set.

so my first shot - blurry and over exposed.

but hey, there was good effort!

so I've got a shutter release cable on order.

thank you, Ebay.

the toys I get excited over these days...


I was sick for the first time in over a year the past few days.

feeling tons better now, but man, I hope I can go at least another year before getting sick again.


hello november.

glad you've decided to give me an excuse to bundle up!

wishing you all a cozy weekend!


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