a pretty sky kind of day

Saturday, January 28, 2012

we planned to wander today.



but there are so many gorgeous neighborhoods around town.

and the sky.

a brilliant shade of blue.

a perfect day

to wander through Clarksville.

just about three miles from our house.

we stopped at a little drugstore 

which has been around for years.

even talked to a guy who shared his booth with us

(the place was packed)

we found out

he had been eating at this drug store for forty years.

this was our first time.


cheeseburgers & chocolate shakes

we didn't share.

took the long way home 

and savored every moment of this perfect day.


Cassie said...

ahhh...I so want to travel like this. eat in the local joints, wandering, taking my time. it sounds so lovely. x

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