and the red birds flew away

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

to be next to someone you love.  
someone you have cherished.
to watch their last breath.
it's hard.
i'm blessed.
i was with him.
the whole family was.
a room.
pulsing with life.
cloaked in sadness.
the room was filled with light.
two red birds perched nearby.
prayers.  tears.  light.
and one last breath.
his pulse slowed.
there was no more breath.
yet still there was light.
and the red birds still waited.
everything was bright.
the room was quiet.
his pulse stopped.
and the red birds flew away.


quiet.   moments.  light.  darkness.  heartache.  tears.  reflecting me.

Polaroid:  SX-70, px70 colorshade, expired edition
you'll be missed dear papa.


Frances said...

Oh, Bonnie. I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. That poem sinks right down into my heart. It was like that when my Mom and then my Dad passed away. The world outside goes on, but your heart is never again the same. Caring hugs from my heart to yours.

Anonymous said...

So very beautiful! So deep and touching. To love someone so deeply is devine. Your Papa was blest!


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