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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm challenging myself to 40 days of yoga.  There is a studio that actually has this challenge starting next week - but I figured I should just start one of my own, just for me.  I've been hesitant to post anything on this matter, but I decided if I want to hold myself accountable, I have to put it in writing.  Honestly, I suck at sticking to these type of challenges... anyone remember my photo a day projects... yup, plural for I tried three times and failed each time to finish.  My reasons for this challenge are fairly simple really.  I feel better after I attend a yoga class - I need the outlet - I hope to deepen my practice - for the past two weeks I've been working on getting back into my work out routine so this will help keep me going - it really does help with stress - and well, I'd like my butt to look better in my stretchy pants.

Day 1 of my Yoga Challenge was a success.  I met at Black Swan Yoga Studio with Kara, after a movie and Amy's Ice Cream with Lisa - who declined the offer of sweaty yoga.  (if you work out after ice cream it cancels out the calories...)  I have thus determined that working out right after ice cream isn't the best idea... but damn chocolate and reese's pb cups were calling my name today.  

So Day 1 complete.  Yay!  hehe

On a different note, fall is in the air!  We were greeted with a cool, low 60s this morning and low humidity - so refreshing.

I leave you with two recent photos of some sunshine, a messy bed, and a sneak peek of slipper season!!  


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