By the Sea

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's the end of April.  My fingers are frozen, the front door is open, and I'm wrapped up in blankets and warm booties.  Probably the last cold front until fall returns.  My Weather Bug App says it is 43 degrees but feels like 36 degrees - my fingers agree with the 36 degrees.  Hmmm why do I have the front door open...
Looking back at some of my vacation polaroids.  Mendocino, California is such a beautiful little town.  Victorian homes dot the streets with white picket fences at their guard.  The scent of salt and sea intermingles with blooming flowers creating intoxicating dreaminess.  The lull of the ocean further draws you into a state of relaxation.  It really is impossible to move fast here - and why would you.  Lingering among wild gardens with oceans breezes carrying your worries away. 
View towards Mendocino, CA from Highway 1.
Cemetery by the Sea.
All the homes are really this lovely.

I was obsessed with the whale weathervanes!
Local wildlife... 
Even the cars tell a story.


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