Give Me A Moment... Or Two

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Taking a break from work to showcase some film photos from Costa Rica in May.

I have to say that trip was the first trip I have really felt relaxed and able to unwind for a bit.

I didn't make any plans except to attend the National Park "Hike."

I practiced yoga and meditation.

Took lots of naps.

Enjoyed the gorgeous scenery.

Ate delicious food.

Spent time with great folks.

And had lots of time to daydream, sketch, and just be present.


So I'm bringing that practice home with me now.

It's another busy day - I have a "to do" list pretty long with lots of chicken scratch.

But I'm taking some time to just be.

Because that to do list will get done.

Just not at this very moment.


I am sad to say that I took two rolls of film but only one came out.

The other had my "dinosaur sighting" on it... so I bet that is why it didn't develop.

No one believes me anyway.

But I saw a huge lizard of some sort.

I can still see his eye staring me down... probably determining if I was lunch or not...

Oh well.

Guess my story goes with me to the grave.


Happy Wednesday.

May you find time to take a break no matter where you are or what you're doing.




Amy said...

The pics of course are so pretty and relaxing :) I bet that Dino is dreaming of his missed lunch, hehe

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