Thursday Morning

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ahhhh the lovely sounds of birds chirping and construction workers clanging...


Do they realize I still haven't had my cup o' coffee yet?


So the first two polaroids above show you just what it's like to deal with expired film.

If you look real closely you may see clouds.


If you use your imagination you may see clouds.

The last polaroid I used experimental film and it seems pretty normal-ish.

If you see something other than a fence, morning light and shadows, and leaves.


I'm not sure what you are experimenting with...

But will you share?


Random quote of the week from two guys working behind the counter at a local restaurant:

"I used to race you to the playground everyday, and beat you every time!"


Just made me smile.



So the blue skies and beginning of summer are begging me to shirk my duties and go play.

Seriously considering it...

After I do the dishes and make the bed.


I'll race you to the playground (and I bet you'll win)


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