so long summer romance

Thursday, August 9, 2012

i fell asleep under an old oak tree, swaying in the breeze on a wooden swing.  a down pillow to cradle my head, soft rustle of leaves and chimes of nearby laughter to help me drift away.  rays of sunshine and fantastic blue skies peeked through branches.  a little dizzy - drunk off of the mindless ecstasy of complete relaxation.

it has become a tradition to visit mason, a small country town on the llano river at the beginning of each august.  a farewell to summer and a vacation - the true essence of the word - no worries, no cares - good food and company.  

unfortunately i only took one snapshot this year - i just wasn't feeling well (still recovering from a cold).  but the time spent out there will always be a retreat to look back upon and to look forward to each year.

Wandering through an antique store in Mason.


Frances said...

Bonnie, you have such a way with words and with your photography. This picture reminds me of all the wonderful moments I have spent antiquing with my oldest sister. This is just the type of shop I love, with dark corners and dusty bottles and all sorts of little treasures to be discovered and reinvented. I'm sorry you have a cold. Hope you fill refreshed and full of energy again soon, in plenty of time for Autumn romance.

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