vacation on my mind

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

enjoying a bit of sunshine after a series of grey days.  the countdown has officially begun for me - early friday morning i'll be leaving on a jet (blue) plane to NYC.  first trip to the east coast.  i can tell my vacation attitude has definitely started to sink in - concentration on anything is lacking.  case in point - i made specific plans to meet up with a friend to let her borrow a dress - well i got halfway to our meet up and realized i forgot the dress...  also, i can't even begin to count the times today i walked into a room with a purpose and walked out shaking my head not knowing what that purpose was.  i'm hoping to spend lots of time just strolling around central park, eating, shopping, eating, visiting one of the impossible project polaroid galleries and oh did i mention eating?.  i'm sure all the walking we plan on doing should offset the eating...  looking forward to getting some fun polo shots of a different view for a change.  i can't wait to share when i return!  

don't bright colored polos + sunshine make you smile?!  sending some brightness your way!


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