dark & stormy

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my dentist sends out an insane amount of reminders for your next appointment.  i guess it makes sense because you schedule it six months out, but really - we get a fridge magnet, at least two paper reminder cards, and countless email reminders as the time gets closer.  well - i forgot to go this morning.  i got a phone call 10 minutes after asking where I was and when i wanted to reschedule... yeah - i felt like an idiot.  still do.  i don't know where my brain is these days, but i think it went on vacation without me.  on a different note.  i got caught in the rainstorm of the summer last night while on my way to meet up with friends for dinner.  i could barely see through the windshield the rain was coming down so hard - and of course i don't carry my umbrella around.  so when i finally did arrive at the restaurant, well, i got another shower...  i was soaked... a drowned rat... hey at least i was in all black - could have been quite the show in a lighter ensemble.  a margarita, queso and good company helped warm my spirits.  well enough random ramblings.  i part on a polaroid - taken in extremely low light just before the storm - obviously bad camera shake - but i like the tones - moody, blurred & not quite there - just like i feel these days.


Cassie said...

perfect shot for the feelings. i know what you're saying. sometimes my brain and i are living two separate days.

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