hello summer

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ahhh summer.  cicadas sing their summer tunes.  flip flops in all colors.  the lake is always crowded.  ice cream and lemonade.  and heat waves.  you know, the ones that you see radiating off your car as you burn your fingers on the door.  the ones that melt a smoothie cup after sitting in your car for two hours.  the ones that have our thermometers announcing 108 degrees outside.  let's go back to the summer breeze.  relaxing in a hammock.  and sipping on ice cold summer brewed tea.  this year, i'm celebrating summer polo style - below is a sneak peak into new polaroid series i've been working on and plan to showcase next month at cherrywood coffeehouse - i'll have details soon - enjoy and stay cool!


Cassie {a serenade for solitude} said...

Love your summer-esque moments. Can't wait to see those polaroids. Such pretty succulents, too!

Anonymous said...


Your photos are beautiful! Your comments are so inspiring. Thank you for making my day!!
Keep up the good work. I will look forward to more of the same.


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