a cup of tea

Thursday, June 14, 2012

listening to the whir of a nearby leaf blower, do those things ever really do much besides send your clippings into the neighbor's yard?  debating on a walk - almost 8:30 AM & the air is thick with humidity - a/c just kicked on, again.  haven't had breakfast yet...  my inner "chef" has been hiding lately, as well as my inner "domestic diva."  that feeling of just wanting to curl up in a ball & sleep still sounds so appealing.  i'm not sure where this post is going today, gone with my mind i guess...  i practiced with different exposure settings in low light conditions with my polaroid.  the subject:  a cup of tea.  i like the saying on yogi tea bags, each one always has a little blurb, this particular one says, "sing from your heart."  of course you can only see it in the photo with the darkest exposure...  well, time to brave that sweaty, i mean, sparkly, walk.
Darkest exposure - the angle works the best in this one for me.

I love the tones in this one the best, but you can't read the little tea quote.

I turned on the kitchen light, but it was too harsh - too yellow for my tastes.

This is what happens when you don't mean to take a photo - oops.


Frances said...

Bonnie, Bonnie .... I LOVE these, even the one you didn't mean to take! I love dark and low key exposures, so the first one is right up my alley. But I do really love the second one, too. You are such an artist with your camera. I've loved your work from the first moment I saw one of your photos. Oh, and the little saying on this bag ... "Sing from your heart"! ... how very wonderful! I'll have to try to find some of those tea bags. It would be such fun discovering each saying. Hope you enjoyed your sparkly walk. I just returned from one of those myself. Happy Thursday!

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