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Friday, June 22, 2012

yesterday we celebrated our ninth anniversary  - as my husband so lovingly calls it, "the longest day of the year" - because of the summer solstice... that's the only reason.  hehe  we are pretty low key when it comes to celebrating our own events - he doesn't prefer gifts - and although i adore giving gifts, i oblige and just buy myself a gift!  we decided to go to a little restaurant nearby that was recommended by friends and we had such a lovely time.  you bring your own wine, which we brought one of our pinots from anderson valley in california, purchased on one of our trips about four years ago or so.  the restaurant, Texas French Bread, values the farm to table concept and supports as many local farmers as possible and also gives them credit on their always changing menu.  we enjoyed everything, from the frites w/ aioli to the fig, prosciutto, arugula & parmesan salad to the hanger steak with grilled green tomato, arugula and purple hull peas and of course the super indulgent key lime pie with coconut flakes adorning the top.  my mouth is watering just thinking about it all again.  drinks from Vino Vino finished off the perfect, relaxing evening.

i believe though, i started at the happy ending of the story.  the beginning is not nearly as fantastic - actually it started as a horror story.  i was walking down the dark hall way of our home - it was midnight, and i was groggy with sleep - i flicked on the light to my bathroom (insert screeching horror music here) and there was a huge roach, happily feasting on our toothbrushes and toothpaste.  ugh.  i squirm just to think of the mental image again.  i stood there for what seemed like forever trying to devise a plan on how to kill the wretched creature but nothing came to mind - the problem was i would have to shut the door to actually get a good swat at the thing and well, there is no way i was going to be trapped in a tiny bathroom if the roach decided to fly my way when i began my death blows.  SO i sat on the edge of our bed and just sighed - loudly - purposely loud enough to wake josh up - and thankfully he did wake up rather quickly - and came to my rescue.  he bravely trapped himself in the bathroom with the beast, i heard lots of noise, a few choice curse words, but he came out victorious.  he got back in bed and as i congratulated and thanked him on his victory, he mumbled, "happy anniversary."

that was the beginning of the day... i proceeded to then get "hit on" by a utility man while walking noah - he literally was driving down the block, slowed down, rolled his window down and asked me if i was married...

THEN while still on the walk, i stop to sit on a tree stump to send a text to a friend explaining my crazy morning already when noah decides that is the PERFECT tree stump to PEE on - thank goodness i saw it coming and i came out dry...

ohhh and has anyone seen the preview for "seeking a friend for the end of the world" ?  it looks cute and i plan to see it this weekend.

well if you've stuck with me this long, thank you - hopefully you got some humor out of the ordeal.  i leave you with some sunshine and peaches.  i love the way the sun streams in through the kitchen window.  happy weekend!!


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