hello half weekend

Friday, June 8, 2012

a "half weekend" is a weekend that consists of one day off work and one day working.  in this case, i'll be working sunday - plans are a whirlwind of a trip to houston beginning this evening and ending sunday morning. half weekends are not necessarily desired because they normally result in a feeling of being rushed, but i'm going to give it my best shot of just enjoying each delightful moment.  on a different note, passed my fourth real estate exam - just three more to go and three weeks left!  it took every ounce of concentration i had to finish the exam last night - after a long workday & long week in general, i'm super proud i even took the exam.  normally i'll reward myself with stretchy work out gear when i pass an exam, but this time i may buy more polaroid film...  happy whole weekend to those so fortunate!!  i leave you with two polos of "local wildlife" in my grandma's backyard.  i can't decide which i like better.  i love how you can see the cat and his eyes in the close up, but i almost like the mood better in the one taken from further away.  if you feel so inclined, i'd love to hear which one you fancy.


Frances said...

Hi Bonnie .... Congrats on passing your fourth real estate exam! I can sooooo see you in real estate. (smile) I think I personally prefer the closeup shot in this instance, but the far away one is really nice, too. I love being able to see the cat better in the closeup.

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