hushed tears

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

it is so hard to catch my breath these days.  life keeps speeding by and i keep grasping at moments.  a long work day today & another trip tomorrow to another funeral has me spinning.  focus and breath.  i've just started reading "this i know:  notes on unraveling the heart" and it has helped me realize it is ok to feel not ok.  to not be "over it" - because i'm not.  i'm hurting right now.  and those little hushed moments are the only thing helping me breathe.  focus.  breathe. and for now, still cry.


Frances said...

My heart cries with you, Bonnie. I'm so sorry for the hard, hard things in life that are difficult to bear at the moment. And you are so right: It's okay to not be okay. The grief process must be lived through before the healing can emerge. To be honest and open and broken ... to allow others to see the deep and genuine things ... to be vulnerable. Not easy, but oh-so-important.

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