56 Degrees

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Soooo my scanner kicked the bucket today and I had to use my iphone "scanner app" - which doesn't work so well in low, crappy lighting.

That's my excuse/ disclaimer for the poor polaroids above...


So it's the end of April and it is currently 56 degrees this evening.

I'm by no means complaining.

Just find it funny.

Our crazy Texas weather.

It was pushing 90 degrees about three days ago.



In other news...

I haven't decided if I like the round frame on polos or not.

I've had a vicious migraine that lingered most of Monday, attacked with a vengence Monday evening, and has proceeded to linger some more all throughout Tuesday.


On a brighter note...

We took a walk this evening to the dog park and got to enjoy the over cast skies and cool weather.

Noah was frisky like a two year old crazy puppy (ahem, Cole).

We all had pep in our steps - and the wildflowers are still blooming!

I bought a "new to me/ vintage" Yashica TL Electro X film camera and plan to take that out this week for some shooting....  

Did I mention I have slippers on and it's 56 degrees?!


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